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Our Services

Bodily Injury

Car accidents, work-place accidents, medical malpractice, National Insurance, student accidents, Ministry of Defense, sporting accidents, accidents in a public place, deficient products, libel, falls, liability of the state.


National Insurance, coverage of student insurance policies, personal accident insurance, income protection insurance, insurance claims.

Family and Succession Law

Wills, succession law, estates, alimony, custody, protection orders, guardianship, family court, Rabbinical court, financial agreements, marriage dissolution, asset distribution, common-law spouses, visitation arrangements, divorce.


Drunk driving, speeding, fines, traffic tickets, indictments, negotiations with the authorities.


Notarization services in English and Hebrew.

Sexual Harassment

Representation of sexual harassment victims at work and elsewhere.

Execution Office

Representation of creditors and debtors, check collection and legal judgment recovery, execution of a bill,  enforcement of child support, proof of debt, bankruptcy, defending against procedures, restriction on driver's license, property seizures and liens.


Legal representation in the various courts, civil cases, financial cases, mandatory injunctions, prevention orders, cases in labor court, claims for severance payments, unpaid wages, banking, insurance, construction defects.

Real Estate

Sales contracts, rental contracts.

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